In today's fast-paced commercial world, businesses require flexible and timely banking solutions. Coutts commercial accounts, deposits and cards are delivered by knowledgeable experts. 

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Having access to short, medium or long-term capital is fundamental to every business. Coutts offers a wide range of commercial borrowing services for every stage of your business. 

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Head of Coutts Commercial

Chris Dos Santos

"Our Commercial relationship managers have many years’ experience of working with clients in our core sectors and a practical understanding of the issues and challenges faced by those businesses. We combine this industry insight with a thorough understanding of you and your business to deliver an exceptional service by experts who care.”

Head of Coutts Commercial, Chris Dos Santos

Telephone: 020 7753 1146 | Email: chris.dossantos@coutts.com

  • “Coutts is renowned in the media, creative, arts and entertainment sectors and we are proud to work with some of the most exciting and developing businesses within the UK today. We provide advice, products and services that we present in line with our understanding of the needs of this dynamic industry.”

    Neil Phelps, Head of Media, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7753 1268
    Email: neil.phelps@coutts.com

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  • “The Professional and Financial Services team is one of the longest standing client groups within Coutts. With insight across a myriad of business areas and the accompanying regulatory environment, the Professional and Financial Services team provides insightful advice and intelligent solutions, delivered by experts who understand the dynamics of the professional world.”

    David Marsden, Head of Professional Services, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7753 1566
    Email: david.marsden@coutts.com

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    Andy Symes, Head of Financial Services, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7753 1595
    Email: andy.symes@coutts.com

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  • “Coutts Commercial Real Estate team provides advice, products and services to organisations working within the property industry. With a focus solely on the UK property market, the team provides targeted advice with extensive connections and expertise.”

    Barry Williamson, Head of Commercial Real Estate, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7753 1233
    Email: barry.williamson@coutts.com

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  • “Coutts Hotels team has gained a reputation as one of the leading lenders in the hotel market, providing tailor-made funding solutions to owners, operators and investors. We pride ourselves on being client-focussed and service-driven as we display relevant sector knowledge to UK hotel owners and operators.”

    Martin Smyth, Head of Hotels, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7957 2925
    Email: martin.smyth@coutts.com

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  • “Coutts Healthcare specialists understand the unique funding requirements of companies within the healthcare sector. Through long-standing relationships , we deliver banking solutions to meet our clients' individual needs. The team is proud to work with a number of leading care home, assisted living and extra care housing operators and also provides innovative banking for GP surgeries and dental practices."

    Martin Smyth, Head of Healthcare, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7957 2925
    Email: martin.smyth@coutts.com

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  • “Coutts has provided banking services to independent schools for over 200 years. Experienced within the not for profit sector, the team has an understanding of the requirements of organisations within the education landscape and the types of solutions that they need to achieve their objectives.”

    David Waters, Head of Independent Schools, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7957 2830
    Email: david.waters@coutts.com

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  • “For centuries, Coutts has been the bank of pioneers. We have a history of working with some of the world's most exceptional privately owned businesses and have gathered extensive knowledge of their world. Intelligent relationships with our clients have taught us that they seek more than pure banking services. With insight and expertise, we provide specialist advice and solutions at each stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Proud to work with more than 20,000 innovative entrepreneurs from across the UK, Coutts connects businesses and facilitates powerful introductions.”

    David Waters, Head of Private Commercial Banking, Coutts Commercial

    Telephone: 020 7957 2830
    Email: david.waters@coutts.com

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