The mission of the Coutts Foundation is to support sustainable approaches to tackle the causes and consequences of poverty, focusing on the communities where Coutts has a presence. This mission builds on the legacy of Angela Burdett-Coutts, the grand-daughter of Thomas Coutts, who was a progressive 19th-century philanthropist concerned with breaking cycles of poverty and providing basic human needs. At this time the core focus of the Foundation is supporting women and girls. The Coutts Foundation is an independent corporate foundation, supported by Coutts.


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The Coutts Foundation makes significant commitments to a small number of organisations that reflect its mission. At this time the core focus of the Foundation is supporting women and girls in the UK.

  • Anawim is a Women’s Centre based in Birmingham. It supports women and their children, especially those vulnerable to exploitation, to make positive choices, helping them achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Support services address issues such as rehabilitation and alternatives to custody to prevent reoffending, mental health, women working on the streets, domestic violence and money advice.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit Anawim

  • The Angelou Centre is a black-led women’s centre offering a range of holistic services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women across the North East. The Centre offers training and employment support, social and creative activities and support for survivors of violence and abuse. It also works at strategic and national levels to ensure the voices of BME women are represented and heard, and supports women with disabilities and LBTQI women.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2018.

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  • Bawso supports Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women who are affected by or at risk of domestic or sexual violence, female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, so-called honour based violence, trafficking or modern slavery. Bawso also offers advice and information for BME men experiencing domestic abuse from partners and family members. The charity’s services are provided across Wales, with over 5,000 people benefiting every year.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2017.

    Visit Bawso

  • ​City Gateway works with people in communities most impacted by social and economic inequality and exclusion. It aims to transform those communities by improving individuals’ life chances and delivering programmes that enable positive, sustained outcomes in empowerment, education and employment.

    The Coutts Foundation is funding City Gateway’s Women’s Programmes (CGWP) in Tower Hamlets. CGWP seeks to empower women and foster integration through English tuition, supporting personal development and vocational programmes.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2017.

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  • End Violence Against Women is a coalition of specialist women’s support services, researchers, activists, survivors and non-governmental organisations working to end violence against women in all its forms. It campaigns for every level of government to adopt better, more joined up approaches to ending and preventing violence against women and girls. It also challenges wider cultural attitudes that tolerate and condone this abuse.

    A grant of £75,000 over three years (£25k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit the End Violence Against Women Coalition

  • Housing for Women is a charity and housing association that has been providing homes and support to London’s vulnerable women for over 80 years. The organisation expanded from a ‘job centre’ for women during the 1930s, to providing accommodation as well as recruitment services. Today, the core of its work continues to be supporting women by providing secure, affordable housing and related services, helping residents make the most of their life chances. The grant from the Coutts Foundation supports House for Women's Supported Housing activities. These include support services for women leaving prision, women who have been trafficked, and survivors of domestic violence.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30K per annum) was approved in 2017.

    Visit Housing for Women

  • Llamau works with vulnerable homeless young people and women across Wales. It also provides practical and emotional support and advice to people at risk of becoming homeless, including care leavers, young offenders, those at risk of offending, victims of domestic abuse, and people who have chaotic and disadvantaged lifestyles.

    A grant of £33,500 was approved in 2017 to fund specialist training for staff who are supporting women and girls who have experienced sexual violence and domestic abuse.

    Visit Llamau

  • The Nelson Trust’s Women’s Centres are a valuable resource for both Gloucestershire and Wiltshire – a safe, women-only space where a wide range of problems related to offending, substance misuse, safety and well-being can be addressed in a warm and supportive environment.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit the Nelson trust

  • SafeLives is a national charity that works to transform the lives of those affected by domestic abuse in the UK. It offers a combination of specialist support for women and children to stay safely in their homes. It also works to make the agencies (charities and government) involved in the sector work better together and implement more effective approaches to tackling domestic abuse. Every year, nearly two million people experience domestic abuse. For every person being abused, there is someone else responsible for that abuse: the perpetrator. And all too often, children are in the home and living with the impact.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit Safe Lives

  • Southall Black Sisters (SBS) helps black and minority ethnic women overcome poverty, distress and hardships, and campaigns on issues that affect them. SBS challenges all forms of gender related violence against women, empowering them to gain more control over their lives, live without fear of violence, and assert their human rights to justice, equality and freedom. It offers specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy, counselling and self-help support services in several community languages. Although based in West London, SBS has a national and international reach, supporting over 3,500 women every year.

    A grant of £120,000 over three years (£40k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit Southall Black Sisters

  • Stockport Women’s Centre provides ‘one stop shop’ services for women facing complex issues including: mental ill-health, the effects of domestic and/or sexual abuse, involvement with the criminal justice system, poverty, isolation and unemployment. It is also one of the founder members for the Greater Manchester Women Support Alliance, which has been recognised for its integrated approach to supporting women offenders and those at risk of offending.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30K per annum) was approved in 2017

    Visit Stockport Women's Centre

  • Based in Norwich, The Magdalene Group offers advice, services and emotional support to women and young people, including victims of sexual exploitation, trafficking and young people who have been affected by, or are at risk of, child sexual exploitation. It also runs education programmes in schools, youth groups and care homes to ensure young people understand how to stay safe.

    A grant of £90,000 over three years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2017.

    Visit The Magdalene Group

  • WomenCentre provides holistic, one-stop services at centres in Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Halifax and in the community. Its wide-ranging services include emotional and practical support on issues such as debt, benefits, mental or physical health, domestic violence, counselling, training and development and much more. Its work improves women’s health and wellbeing, increases employment opportunities, enhances self confidence, and improves the safety and wellbeing of children.

    A grant of £30,000 was approved in 2015.

    A further grant of £60,000 over two years (£30k per annum) was approved in 2016.

    Visit WomenCentre

  • The mission of Women for Refugee Women is to ensure that women and children seeking asylum in the UK are treated with justice and dignity. Its work focuses on:empowering refugee women to tell their own stories; influencing key audiences about the experiences of refugee women through working with media, arts and public events; and on creating a fairer asylum process by publishing research, and influencing parliamentarians and relevant government departments.

    A grant of £75,000 over three years (£25k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit Women for Refugee Women

  • Working Chance empowers women ex-offenders to become financially autonomous through employment. It is the UK’s only recruitment consultancy for women with criminal convictions and provides a specialist employment service to employers and to women in prison, on probation and out in the community. It also offers professional 1:1 coaching. Around 40% of the organisation’s staff have personal experience of the criminal justice system, so are uniquely qualified to support the women they work with.

    A grant of £105,000 over three years (£35k per annum) was approved in 2015.

    Visit Working Chance

  • Established in 1739,  Coram is the UK's oldest children's charity whose work supports over one million children and young people nationwide. Through their young people's projects, creative therapies, adoption and fostering services, they provide vulnerable young people a chance at a fulfilling life, from early days to independence.

    Coutts staff selected Coram to be charity of the year 2017-2018, thus being a focus of staff fundraising activities.  A grant of £10,000 towards Coram's creative therapy services was also approved by the Coutts Foundation in 2017.

    In supporting Coram, Coutts has reignited a relationship first established in 1807 when Thomas Coutts was a governor.

    Visit Coram

  • The Living Wage Foundation is a project of Citizens UK. It plays the leading role in promoting the Living Wage across the UK. Since 2001, the campaign has impacted tens of thousands of employees and put £millions into the pockets of some of the lowest paid workers in the UK. Calculated according to the basic cost of living the living wage is £10.55 an hour in London and £9.00 outside of London. Employers choose to pay it on a voluntary basis.

    A grant of £150,000 over three years (£50k per annum) was approved in 2016.

    Visit the Living Wage Foundation

  • The Connection at St Martin’s is London’s busiest homelessness charity supporting people away from the streets through specialist services including street outreach, a day and emergency night centre, help finding relevant training, volunteering or employment, and specialist mental health and addiction support.

    A grant of £180,000 over three years (£60K per annum) was approved in 2017

    Visit The Connection at St. Martin's

  • Toynbee Hall is a community organisation that pioneers ways to reduce poverty and disadvantage in the East End of London. It gives some of the country’s most deprived communities a voice, providing access to free advice and support services and working with them to tackle social injustice. Henrietta Barnett, who co-founded Toynbee Hall with her husband Samuel Barnett in 1884, worked with Angela Burdett-Coutts on assisting poor children in London.

    In 2014 the Coutts Foundation pledged £250,000 to support the redevelopment of Toynbee Hall’s premises and to part fund the post of Innovative Solutions Manager over 3 years.

    Visit Toynbee Hall


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The Board of the Coutts Foundation includes members who are appointed by Coutts and Trustees who are independent of Coutts. The work of the Foundation is supported and delivered by volunteers and staff of Coutts who offer their expertise pro-bono.

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The Coutts Foundation adopts a proactive approach to its philanthropy and in its identification of organisations to support. The Foundation's focus is supporting UK organisations or programmes that support women and girls, with a particular focus on addressing the causes and consequences of poverty. It is especially interested in organisations that are developing innovative solutions and/or those whose successful work has the potential to be scaled up. The Foundation applies clear criteria in its selection of funding recipients.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding. However, if you wish to bring information about your organisation or programmes that fit with our funding priorities to our attention, please complete the information submission form and either email it to us or post it.

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