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Ways of banking with us

Coutts provides flexible and innovative ways for our clients to manage their money, while preserving the personal touch and accessibility for which we are renowned.

AT YOUR service

Relationships are at the heart of our history and our reputation. With Coutts, you can expect personal service and an exacting attention to detail. Our experts are on hand and accessible, working together to cater to every aspect of your needs.

  • Targeted advice for every aspect of your wealth.

    Carefully selected private bankers and wealth managers partner with our clients to understand the entire range of their requirements and provide targeted advice at every stage of their life journey.

    Our private bankers understand the drivers behind our clients’ wealth and appreciate the risks and complexities associated with different professions. By carefully forging a sound understanding of your circumstances and objectives – now and in the future – your dedicated private banker will use this insight to manage your complete financial affairs. From on-going banking solutions to meeting your lifestyle requirements and managing your lending needs, every aspect of our service will be in keeping with your wider wealth and personal circumstances.

    Coutts private bankers work with highly qualified wealth managers to build a financial framework that spans both sides of the balance sheet. On hand to navigate the complexities of the financial markets, Coutts wealth managers will take the time to understand your circumstances, your life goals and your attitude to risk.

    Detailed recommendations will connect to highly skilled professionals from within and outside Coutts to provide individual solutions astutely tailored to each stage of your wealth journey. From protection and pensions through to tax, trusts and estate planning, we will provide a truly consolidated approach to managing your wealth. Continuously collegiate in our approach, we will work with your existing advisers and draw on our external intermediary network to provide the best solutions for your needs.

    Complemented by our renowned Telephony team, Coutts 24 and our digital services, Coutts clients can access their wealth through a multitude of channels  – each of which maintains the personal touch and high standards of delivery for which we are known.

  • Exceptional service, personally delivered.

    Our highly trained Coutts 24 team is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your day-to-day banking needs – from requesting balances to cards enquiries, dealing with payments and transfers, and basic lending requests. Our Digital team will help you with any digital query, and our dedicated fraud experts are on hand to offer advice and support should you ever need it.

    A call to Coutts 24 will usually be managed by a single contact from our London offices – ensuring a consistent and personal service in keeping with your overarching circumstances.

    We know from client feedback that being able to speak directly with one of our diverse team at any time is both expected and valued. We are even open on Christmas Day – our clients will vouch for it.

  • Face to face transactional banking.

    We offer a full counter service at our headquarters in 440 Strand.

    Alternatively our clients are able to visit any NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland branch to pay in cash and cheques and, by arrangement, make withdrawals.

    If you live in or visit a rural community, the NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland mobile branches could provide a convenient alternative. As a Coutts client you can deposit up to £3,000 per day in cash and unlimited cheques using a pre-printed paying in slip. You can also set up a cashing facility to enable you to withdraw up to £2,000 a day using your Coutts chequebook. To arrange a cashing facility, or for further information, please contact Coutts 24 or your Private Banker.

    NatWest Mobile Branch Routes

    Royal Bank of Scotland Mobile Branch Routes

    Please note, transactions carried out in a NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or respective Mobile Branch:

    • Will be processed overnight and therefore will not show on your account immediately.
    • May take longer to reach your account if the vehicle is delayed due to circumstances such as by bad weather or road congestion.

    To ensure the timetable is fulfilled in all of the communities visited, this service is only able to operate within the published timetable.


Anytime access

With a 300-year history of working with some of the world’s greatest innovators, Coutts remains at the forefront of change. Our online services provide a secure and cutting-edge banking experience, keeping you in touch with your finances through the device of your choice, wherever and whenever you choose.

Discover more about Coutts Digital

  • Online banking to put you in control.

    Our online banking service, Coutts Online, is accessible across all desktop and tablet devices. Coutts Mobile, our mobile app, will keep you connected wherever you are.


    Coutts Online provides you with a clear view of your wealth – from accounts and loans to money markets and investments. With the capability to make transfers and payments, manage standing orders and direct debits, Coutts Online keeps you continuously connected and in control of your wealth. To ensure a truly seamless and personal service, our online messaging will connect you to your key Coutts contacts, allowing for messages and attachments to be sent without the need for further encryption.

    Read more on staying safe online

    With many of our clients opting for digital statements, Coutts Online will enable you to manage statements online and create email and text alerts.

    Technical and browser Information

    Coutts Online is generally available to clients aged 18 years and over with a Coutts account.

    Coutts Online Service Agreement

  • Known for making the impossible possible.

    Coutts Concierge is now available online – offering Silk clients additional flexibility and access to exclusive opportunities. From organising holidays and hiring luxury cars through to making social and leisure arrangements, Coutts Concierge online complements the telephone and email concierge service for which Silk is renowned.

    Launched in response to client demand, Coutts Concierge online offers access to exclusive services, experiences and bespoke discounts – all selected by a team of expert lifestyle managers with extensive international networks.

    From assisting with every aspect of travel to reservations at luxury restaurants and events through to support with domestic duties, Coutts Concierge has unique access and buying power worldwide.

    Coutts Concierge

  • Rewarding more of your relationship with us.

    We are relaunching our THANK YOU FROM COUTTS reward programme on 1 October 2019.

     more details can be found here.

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