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Coutts backs med-tech marvels supporting NHS

Meet four of the firms forging the future of health care with help from our clients

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From drawings of rainbows displayed in windows to a weekly round of applause, the NHS has rightly received much admiration this year. Its inspirational front line fight against coronavirus has shown just how valuable this venerated institution is.

And our clients are bringing their investment backing and expertise to some of the innovative med-tech businesses that support it through the Coutts Investment Club.

The club introduces financially sophisticated, high net worth clients interested in investing to exciting new private companies.

Hans Prottey, who heads the club, explains: “Our members are a select group of highly experienced and financially sophisticated investors – successful entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, private equity professionals, hedge fund managers and family offices. We introduce them to a carefully selected set of fast-growing companies with a clear competitive advantage and strong management teams.

“Although often higher risk, it can be extremely rewarding – professionally and financially – for our clients, giving them an endeavour that meets their needs by going further than standard investing.”

The club covers a wide range of sectors but, in our very own celebration of the NHS, here we feature four Coutts Investment Club companies that support the much-loved service.

Please note: Our profile of these companies does not constitute a personal recommendation and if you’d like to know more, you should speak to your private banker for further context.

1) Testing for Covid-19 - QuantuMDx

How they help: QuantuMDx has developed molecular diagnostic technology which detects a range of infectious diseases and drug susceptibility among patients. Portable, affordable and easy to use, their device can be used in a wide range of settings, enabling diagnosis within 30 minutes. It will launch with a test for coronavirus, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and another for flu ahead of the upcoming flu season.

In their own words: “At the beginning of the pandemic I caught COVID-19. It was obvious to me, as a geneticist with a passion for epidemiology, that a pandemic was about to emerge. It’s a privilege for us to use our expertise to develop a test that can be used in laboratories and on our own device, contributing to the national and international efforts to tackle this disease.”

Jonathan O’Halloran, CEO

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2) Helping treat cancer – Combat Medical

How they help: Combat has developed a way to deliver cancer treatment that reduces the side effects involved and the chance of the disease recurring. Their technology makes administering the required drugs more effective, and improves the treatment of a range of cancers, including three of the most common.

In their own words: “Cancer treatments globally have reduced significantly due to COVID-19. In the UK we have seen a reduction in surgery by around 60% and chemotherapy treatments by around 75%. This has to be addressed or the UK will suffer one of the highest excess death rates in Europe. Combat stands ready to continue supporting the NHS in any way to ensure cancer patients receive treatments.”

Edward Bruce-White, CEO

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“We introduce clients to a carefully selected set of fast-growing companies with a clear competitive advantage and strong management teams.”
Hans Prottey, Head of the Coutts Investment Club

3) Cutting-edge cancer surgery – Lightpoint Medical

How they help: Lightpoint has created ground-breaking miniature sensing and imaging tools to support cancer surgeons. They’re currently building two robotic probes which should help surgeons make decisions and get better results, while also saving costs.

In their own words: “We collaborate with the NHS extensively. We work with NHS clinicians from the very early stages of product design through to clinical validation. Collaboration at an early stage is essential to ensure that our technologies meet the highly complex needs of cancer surgery.”

Dr David Tuch, CEO & Founder

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4) Self-monitoring at home – Entia

How they help: Entia enables life-changing health conditions to be managed at home with revolutionary monitoring solutions. For example, they’ve developed Luma, a device that enables patients with anaemia of chronic kidney disease to test their haemoglobin levels at home. This reduces the need for routine blood tests and protects patients at risk from COVID-19. This device is launching into multiple NHS sites to improve patients’ quality of life.

In their own words: "Many people suffering from life-changing health conditions, such as cancer and chronic kidney disease, have seen their treatments and care severely disrupted by COVID-19. This has serious implications to both patient outcomes and quality of life. To address this, Entia continues to work closely with the NHS and international organisations to establish innovative ways to manage patients safely from the comfort of their own home.”

Dr Toby Basey-Fisher, CEO

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