Debit Card

Designed for a world without borders.  


A current account card with convenient features to save you time and allow you to access your funds quickly and easily. Reliable and recognised globally – the Coutts Debit Card is accepted worldwide at retail outlets displaying the VISA logo.

  • The Coutts Current Account puts you in charge of your money when you need it. Available to individuals, trustees and personal representatives in sterling, the Current Account is accessible through Coutts Online and Coutts Mobile, and maintains some of our longer standing features, including the Coutts cheque book.

    Annual fees may apply.

    Coutts Current Account

  • Spend like a local when abroad with multi-currency capability

    As a Coutts client, you have the benefit of holding accounts in sterling and most international currencies. Now, you can also connect your Debit Card to any of your eligible currency current accounts. Once you have connected your Debit Card to a currency current account, any payment made or cash withdrawal in that foreign currency will be automatically taken from the corresponding account and you will not incur any currency conversion charges.

    If you use Coutts Online, you can arrange for your Debit Card to be linked to your existing currency current accounts by following these simple steps:

    • Step 1 | Log in to Coutts Online
    • Step 2 | Click ‘Services’
    • Step 3 | Select ‘Multi-currency Debit Card’ from the drop down menu
    • Step 4 | Follow the simple instructions to instantly connect your Debit Card to your chosen currency currency accounts

    Alternatively, you can activate the service by calling Coutts 24 or your private banker.

    Multi-currency FAQ's

  • We have removed the 2.65% Non-Sterling Transaction Fee applicable to transactions in currencies other than sterling, allowing you to use your Debit Card abroad without incurring any additional charges.

  • If you are travelling abroad or intend to make a purchase which is of higher value than usual, please inform us of your plans by contacting Coutts Card Services on +44 (0) 20 7309 0045. We will update the information that we hold thereby minimising issues when you use your card at home or abroad.

  • For added security and peace of mind, Coutts Online Verification ensures that only the cardholder is permitted to transact online.

    We have also introduced additional layers of security for your Coutts cards that will make online shopping less obtrusive but no less safe. Our new service is easier to use as there is no need to register your card or remember a password.

    Find out more about Coutts Online Verification

  • Withdraw cash from any NatWest Group cash machine throughout the UK, and from other cash machines worldwide displaying the VISA logo.

  • Enables cardholders to order currency or sterling for delivery direct to their home address.

  • Contactless provides a faster way to pay for items up to £100. A convenient alternative to cash – a quick and secure way to touch and pay for those smaller purchases.

    View our frequently asked questions about contactless technology.

  • Using your card to make a contactless payment with Apple Pay or Google Pay is fast, easy and secure – no personal information is passed from your phone to the reader, not even your name or bank details. If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can even complete contactless purchases over £100 (retailer limits may apply).

    Find out more about:

    Apple Pay

    Google Pay

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