Silk Credit Card

Silk opens doors to a world of privileges and benefits. Silk can be tailored to your lifestyle, offering the ability to order additional cards with tailored spending limits and varying benefits.

Representative 14.7% APR Variable  ·  Over 18s only ·  No Annual Fee

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Available to Coutts clients only.
Your credit limit will depend on our credit assessment of you.
The actual APR you will receive will depend on your circumstances.

Travel Benefits

Designed for a world without borders, Silk comes with a host of travel benefits, making it your ideal companion when you are abroad.

  • We have removed the 2.75% Non-Sterling Transaction Fee applicable to transactions in currencies other than sterling, allowing you to use your Silk Card abroad without incurring any additional charges.

  • If you are travelling abroad or intend to make a purchase which is of higher value than usual, please inform us of your plans by contacting Coutts Card Services on+44 (0) 20 7309 0045. We will update the information that we hold thereby minimising issues when you use your card at home or abroad.

  • LoungeKey™ is an airport lounge access programme which provides Silk cardholders with access to over 700 VIP lounges in over 300 major airports worldwide. A  separate membership card will not be required – to access a participating lounge, cardholders simply need to show their Silk Card and reference LoungeKey™.

    A flat rate of £20 per visit will apply. Guests can also be brought to lounges at a flat rate of £20 per guest visit. Access to the lounge is subject to capacity. For details of  all participating airport lounges and any conditions/restrictions that apply, visit the LoungeKey™ website at

Lifestyle and Loyalty

Silk is synonymous with luxury and renowned for invaluable benefits and rewards. From access to experiences and events through to Coutts signature loyalty programme, every aspect of Silk has been designed with the discerning needs of our clients in mind.

  • Whether you're looking to arrange a family holiday, take a city break or tour a continent, Coutts Concierge can take care of all your needs. Booking through us brings complimentary extras such as room upgrades, as well as special dining and spa deals at over 1,800 luxury properties worldwide.

    Coutts Concierge is on hand to help with your social life too. We not only provide priority access and benefits at the world’s best restaurants, our specialists can recommend local gems worth a visit in some of the world’s most popular destinations. We can secure tickets to the best music, sporting and theatre events as well, and even offer access to our own suite at London's O2.

    Coutts Concierge members can also enjoy a range of exclusive retail deals, negotiated with world-leading brands, and a curated series of member-only events. 

    Available to Silk cardholders 24/7, Coutts Concierge has 22 global offices covering all time zones, and a team that speaks over 25 languages. 

    0207 479 3468 |


    Coutts Concierge


  • An extremely rewarding relationship

    THANK YOU FROM COUTTS is our exclusive reward programme that offers a range of luxurious gifts and experiences to clients who have a Silk Charge Card or Silk Credit Card.

    You earn ‘Coutts Crowns’ – which you can redeem for luxury items and experiences – when you buy things using your Silk Charge Card, Silk Credit Card or Coutts Debit Card. So whether you’re buying a car or a coffee, it all goes towards your tally. And the more business you do with us, the faster you can earn Crowns.

    You gain Crowns when you buy goods and services. You don’t gain Crowns for certain financial transactions such as withdrawing cash, buying foreign currency or travellers cheques, investment deposits, tax payments or repayment of debt. See full terms and conditions for details.

    You can keep up to date with the number of Crowns you have and what you can get with them quickly and easily through Coutts Online, Coutts Mobile or by calling Coutts 24 on 020 7309 0045. And you can redeem them any time over the course of the year, spending as many as you like. So you could use a few at a time for specific treats or exchange them all at once for something really special if you have enough of them.

    All Coutts personal clients aged 18 and over are automatically enrolled in the scheme – no form filling required. All you need to do is get either a Silk Charge Card or Silk Credit Card  – you won’t be able to earn Crowns without one. To get either a Silk Charge Card or Silk Credit Card , speak to your private banker or call Coutts 24 on 020 7309 0045.

     find out more

Flexible and Secure

Created to simplify the complexities of modern life, Silk offers the features you would expect to ensure that it is as secure as it is connected.

  • Silk clients may request additional cards for their account with added flexibility of determining the level of privileges and benefits for each Silk cardholder. Clients can allocate an individual spending limit for each cardholder within their account, with spend itemised for each cardholder on a single, monthly statement which is sent to the primary cardholder.

    Over 18s only.

  • For added security and peace of mind, Coutts Online Verification ensures that only the cardholder is permitted to transact online.

    We have also introduced additional layers of security for your Coutts cards that will make online shopping less obtrusive but no less safe. Our new service is easier to use as there is no need to register your card or remember a password.

    Find out more information about Coutts Online Verification.

  • Contactless provides a faster way to pay for items up to £30. A convenient alternative to cash – a quick and secure way to touch and pay for those smaller purchases.

    View our frequently asked questions about contactless technology.

  • Using your card to make a contactless payment with Apple Pay or Google Pay is fast, easy and secure – no personal information is passed from your phone to the reader, not even your name or bank details. If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can even complete contactless purchases over £45 (retailer limits may apply).

    Find out more about:

    Apple Pay

    Google Pay

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