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Travelex going into administration - What you need to know

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Information correct as at 7 August 2020.

Some Travelex companies have gone into administration. The main impact of this will see Travelex’s high street shops and airport branches, that were closed during lockdown, being closed permanently.


Unused Travelex Travellers Cheques – How to get your money back

You can pay any unused sterling travellers cheques into your Coutts current account.  They will be cleared through the bank to bank clearing cycle. Alternatively, Travelex has two booths at Heathrow terminal 2 and two booths at Heathrow terminal 5, where you can cash any remaining travellers cheques.


Travelex Money Card – Is it still available and safe to use?

Travelex have advised the Travelex Money Card is still available and safe to use.


For further enquiries relating to Travelex

Please call Travelex direct on 0845 872 7627.


Coutts currency delivery service

Our currency delivery service is not impacted by this and currency can continue to be ordered in the usual way via Coutts Online or Coutts 24.


Beware of scams

Please continue to stay alert to suspicious calls, emails or texts from anyone pretending to be Travelex, PWC (the Administrator for Travelex) or other trusted organisations, as scammers will take advantage of this situation.

Key points to remember, include:

  • Never give away your personal information, your card details or PINs.
  • Don’t move your money, even if you’re told it’s to protect your account.
  • If you ever have any concerns that the person you’re speaking to is not genuine, or that they’re asking you to do something that seems suspicious, such as keying a payment online, or providing your card or account details, please end the call.
  • Email addresses and phone numbers can be faked.
  • Think twice before clicking on links.

Please contact us straight away on 020 7770 0011 if you think you’ve been targeted or to report anything suspicious.