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There are three main phases in planning for retirement. At Coutts, we will work with you through all phases of your retirement planning, reviewing your arrangements whenever your circumstances change, to ensure that you achieve the comfortable retirement that you had planned.

  1. Pre-retirement: ensuring you have sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement in the most tax efficient way. This also involves making your assets grow effectively and this could be by looking at where it is invested, especially if you hold older, smaller pension arrangements.
  2. At retirement planning: reviewing the options available to you and help you to plan the most appropriate and tax effective solutions to meet your objectives.
  3. Post retirement planning: helping you to plan whether to delay taking pension benefits and optimising the phasing of the benefits to meet your specific income requirements.

Topical Pension news:

The Taxation of Pensions Act brought about a number of significant changes effective from 6 April 2015.

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