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Helping our clients and their families make a real difference to the causes and communities they care about.

At Coutts, Philanthropy is in our DNA. We can trace our history of charitable giving for over 300 years. And with Angela Burdett Coutts, one of the most renowned and pioneering philanthropists at the heart of our history, it is no wonder that we are passionate about empowering and furthering the causes that matter to our clients.

Today our multi-award winning Philanthropy team can play an important role in inspiring and growing your philanthropic endeavours.

As the first private bank in the UK to establish a dedicated philanthropy team we recognise the options open to those who want to make a difference are more varied and exciting than ever. From traditional grant-making to social investing in support of charitable activity or social enterprises, there are many enjoyable ways to make a positive lasting difference.


Drawing on many years of experience in the fields of philanthropy in the UK and internationally, our dedicated experts in the Coutts Institute offer advisory services to clients at all stages of their philanthropy journeys, whether they are just starting out or very experienced.

Clients and their families regularly seek advice on a range issues:

  • Embarking on a philanthropy journey
  • Developing a strategy for their philanthropy and/or social investment
  • Engaging the next generation
  • Developing an understanding of the causes they care about and how to effectively target their resources
  • Developing meaningful and appropriate relationships with the organisations they support
  • Reviewing the results and impact of their philanthropy

And when it comes to turning philanthropy strategies into reality, Coutts offers specialist advice and services associated with establishing and managing charitable trusts or foundations, including charity investment, trust services and charity banking.

Find out more about our charity services

To find out more about how we can help, please contact your private banker.

The Coutts Forums for Philanthropy create opportunities for clients to learn from some of the world’s leading philanthropists, share experiences and ideas with peers, and to develop networks.

Previous forums have explored a wide range of subjects including local philanthropy, philanthropy and the arts, family philanthropy, early intervention, social enterprise, social investment, human rights and climate change.

For more details about the Forums please contact your private banker or wealth manager.

Million pound Donors Report

In 2017 Coutts launched its 10-year anniversary Million Pound Donors report, tracking the scale and nature of donations of £1m or more from individuals, foundations and corporations.  The report analyses key trends in major giving and includes inspiring interviews with donors who have chosen to share their personal philanthropy journeys.

READ More of this report

Coutts Philanthropy Briefing Papers

The Coutts Institute has produced a number of philanthropy briefing papers on a wide range of subjects including local philanthropy, philanthropy and the arts, family philanthropy, early intervention, social enterprise, social investment, human rights and climate change. Briefing papers are available by contacting your private banker or wealth manager.

Philanthropy News and insights

  • How can you support those affected by coronavirus?

    • Insight
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    03 Apr 2020
    A strong Quarter For Coutts Investments If you’d like to use your extra time at home during the coronavirus lockdown to support people and causes impacted by the pandemic, our philanthropy team has some useful suggestions.
  • From the FTSE to philanthropy: Meet the corporate giant with a big heart

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    24 Oct 2019
    weekly update washington trade In the fourth piece in our series for Coutts Entrepreneurs Month, we meet Sir Rod Aldridge OBE, successful business founder turned philanthropist.
  • Making Philanthropy A Family Business

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    27 Sep 2017
    Making Philanthropy A Family Business Philanthropy can bring your family closer together, instil a sense of pride and help teach children about money

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