Personal Portfolio Fund 2 - Lower to medium Risk

For investors willing to accept a modest degree of risk in order to achieve better returns.

What it invests in

At least half of the fund invests in bonds, which are usually less volatile than shares, with some exposure to equities. Our investment managers actively select a mix of assets – equities and bonds – and regions – developed and emerging markets – best suited to the fund. It gains market exposure through direct holdings in gilts and passive vehicles for other assets.


Please note that, as a result of rounding, the figures may not add up to 100%.

10 Largest Holdings
Xtrackers MSCi USA ETF (ESG)  13.7%
AXA Sterling UK Credit 10.3%
BlackRock iShares UK Credit Bond Index Fund 9.8%
UBAM - Global High Yield Solution 6.4%
0.75 UK Treasury 23 (37492152) () 5.5%
UKT 1 1/2 07/22/26 5.1%
4.5% UK Treasury 2042 4.8%
UKT 4 1/4 06/07/32 4.3%
UKT 0 1/2 07/22/22 4.1%
Total 75.6%
The Fund will mainly be invested in collective investment schemes that are index-tracking rather than actively managed. 

Factsheets and other information:

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