Personal Portfolio Fund- 1

Lower Risk

For investors willing to accept a small degree of risk in order to get a relatively stable return. close

What it invests in

At least 70% of the fund is invested in bonds, which are usually less volatile than shares, with some exposure to equities. Our investment managers actively select a mix of assets – equities and bonds – and regions – developed and emerging markets – best suited to the fund. It gains market exposure through direct holdings in UK government bonds and passive vehicles for other assets.


Largest Holdings
UKT 4 03/07/22 19.2%
BlackRock iShares UK Credit Bond Index Fund 13.9%
AXA Sterling UK Credit 13.9%
Vanguard FTSE All-Share Index Unit Trust 5.2%
UKT 0 1/2 07/22/22 4.4%
Invesco S&P 500 ETF 8.1%
UKT 1/2 07/22/26 5.6%
UKT 4 1/4 09/07/39 5.3%
UKT 4 01/22/60 4.6%
UKT 4 1/4 06/07/32 4.7%
Total 84.7%
As at 30 September 2019. Asset allocation could change in future.

Factsheets and other information:

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