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Confirmation of Payee

Additional name checks when making payments

To help prevent fraud and reduce the risk of scams being successful, like other UK banks and building societies, we are going to start checking that the name on all Faster and CHAPS payments matches to the name of the account to which the payment is being made.

This change is known as ‘Confirmation of Payee’ and will allow anyone making a payment the opportunity to check that the payment is genuine and stop incorrect/fraudulent payments being made.


  • When you make a one-off payment, set up a new regular payment or amend an existing payment, you will be asked to check that you are paying the right person or business. This will enable you to see if the name matches to the payee that you are sending the payment to.

    When you make a payment for the first time, we will also check that the payee name that you enter matches the name on the account that you are sending the payment to. Once the payee name has been entered, we will then confirm whether this has been successful or not:

    • Payee confirmed – the payee name check has been successful
    • Unconfirmed payee name – the payee name check has been unsuccessful

    This option will appear if the payee account name does not match the account details provided, payee’s bank is not supporting functionality or payee opted out of Confirmation of Payee checks. You should speak to the beneficiary using a trusted telephone number to confirm that these are their correct account details and to check you are not being scammed in any way. If you are confident the details you provided are correct, you still have an option to proceed.

    Unconfirmed payee name – spelling mistake

    With this option, we will suggest the correct name.

    • Incorrect account type – the account type you have selected may be incorrect. Please ensure you have checked the account type of the payee before sending the payment.
    • Unconfirmed payee – unable to proceed with the payment

    This option will appear if the payee account does not exist, the payee has moved bank, or the payee details are incorrect.

  • When making a payment you will need to:

    • have the first and last name of the person or business you want to pay. For joint accounts, you will only need the first and last name of one of the account holders
    • confirm whether you are paying a personal or business account – we will notify you if your payment type is incorrect
    • be confident you’re paying the correct person or business – if you are notified that the name check has been unsuccessful and you choose to continue with your payment, we may not be able to recover your funds if they’re sent to the wrong account.
  • We will assess the name check using your full name/registered name/any names you have previously made us aware of (like a maiden name).

    If you are aware that people are experiencing difficulties in making payments to your account because of the name check, please contact us so that we can update our records, as appropriate.

  • Your data will remain secure. All payment providers, including banks, use the Open Banking directory service and secure technology to safely exchange payment details. Each payment provider needs to undergo security checks to be accredited to use the service and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • You cannot opt-out of Confirmation of Payee checks when making a payment to someone else. You can however ask us to opt your details out of being checked by anyone trying to pay you. If you choose to do this, anyone making a payment to you will receive a message that your details cannot be checked. Please contact your private banker or Coutts 24 if you want to discuss opting-out of the Confirmation of Payee service.

  • If you want to opt back into the Confirmation of Payee service, please contact your private banker or Coutts 24 who can arrange this for you.