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For centuries, Coutts has been the bank of pioneers. Today, we are proud to work with over 20,000 of the UK’s most talented and innovative entrepreneurs. With our insight and expertise, we provide exceptional solutions and advice for every stage of your wealth journey.close



As the first private bank and wealth manager to establish a dedicated service for entrepreneurs and business owners, Coutts is well known for our understanding of the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Coutts extensive experience of working with some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs has shaped our appreciation of the inextricable link between our clients’ personal and professional lives and the successive stages of entrepreneurship. We have many years' experience of providing invaluable advice to guide our clients through every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Coutts is proud to champion entrepreneurship across the UK. We have strong links with the entrepreneurial community, and organisations such as Envestors Private Investor Club, Clearly So and the Cranfield School of Management.



Coutts connectivity with experts, pioneers and change makers provides our clients with a rare energy, insight and impetus into the world around them. Coutts clients want to be challenged and informed - and our external and internal experts provide invaluable insights into matters that impact their entrepreneurial journey, their wealth and the drivers behind their success.

Coutts reports articulate the views and experiences of this collective expertise. Trusted information sources for the entrepreneurial journey; they provide a fascinating insight into the challenges, opportunities and ambition of the entrepreneur.

  • There comes a point when every entrepreneur needs advice to take their business to the next stage. Knowing who to ask and how to make the relationship work is critical to success.

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  • The role of venture capital (VC) and private equity investment as key drivers of business growth is firmly established, but many entrepreneurs remain unconvinced.

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  • When it comes to exiting a business, many entrepreneurs rule out a management buy-out. Our research on this exit path has found this closes down a highly attractive sale option.

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  • The journey to a business exit is full of unexpected surprises – getting to grips with what may lie in store could help you get a better deal.

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  • Investing time in planning, building a strong network and talking to those who have sold up are key to a happy and fulfilled life after selling a business.

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  • Starting, building and growing a successful business is no mean feat but some people can't stop at one.  Our research on this group of people tries to get beneath what drives these exceptional individuals.

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Insightful Advice

When beginning a venture, your personal aims and company ambitions may be inseparable. Our private bankers, wealth managers and specialists will take the time to understand your personal and professional goals – not just your business objectives. As your business evolves, the need for a more formal corporate structure will be key to sustainable growth. Coutts Commercial bankers are perfectly placed to support this growth and to provide sector-specific advice for your business, working seamlessly with your private banker who will support your personal finances.

Growing your business poses additional opportunities and challenges. Whether you're considering strategies for exiting your business, succession planning or releasing value or investment approaches, we will work closely to support you at this critical stage of your personal and professional journey. Whether you are unlocking business value, remaining as an owner or broadening your management team, planning your exit and succession demands careful consideration.

A uniquely

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Coutts is renowned for our work in helping our clients prepare for the world of choices posed by Life After Exit. From preparing you for the personal and professional implications of exiting your business, Coutts will continue to work in tandem with our specialists to manage your family business, philanthropic and financial planning needs.

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Our powerful network of clients and the wider business community means we appreciate your challenges while offering you additional impetus to achieve your business ambitions. From helping to identify and finance your next business venture through to supporting your life after exit, we will steer you towards a fulfilling new direction.

David McKenzie

Market Leader, Coutts Entrepreneurs

David McKenzie

David started his career at NatWest where he worked in a variety of roles, latterly as a Senior Corporate Manager following the merger with RBS. In 2001, David moved to HSBC Private Bank where he spent eleven years building portfolios, running the ultra high net worth business and the firm’s Credit Advisory team. David has also held senior positions at Barclays Wealth and Deutsche Bank. As Market Leader for Coutts Entrepreneurs business, David develops and implements business growth strategies and is renowned for helping people achieve their potential. David is highly connected with clients and intermediaries alike and cites golf and football as his interests.

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