Business | 25 May 2023

AI and the new digital opportunities for businesses

Watch a masterclass video of business leaders discussing how best businesses can seize new opportunities through digitisation and AI.

In a world of rapid innovation where change seems to accelerate constantly, how prepared are you to harness technology and adapt it to your business?

The NatWest Group of which Coutts is a part recently hosted a FutureFit event, at which business pioneers shared how they’re future-proofing their operations and adapting to the pace of rapid technological change.

Clare Barclay, CEO at Microsoft UK; Lord Timothy Clement-Jones, spokesperson for the Digital Economy, House of Lords; Sue Daley, Director of Technology and Innovation at techUK, and Julie Dawson, Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer at Yoti, agree that the future is digital. Are you ready?


Watch now for their key insights

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Need a quick summary?

1. The AI era will accelerate innovation

Tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the way people work, the way society runs, and the way businesses operate. How prepared are you for answering some of the big questions it poses? Do you understand the ethical implications, what skills you might need, and whether your purpose might change?


2. Consider how and where AI can help your business

As technologies such as AI evolve, there’s an opportunity to explore your business mindset and establish how you might use digitisation in a more efficient and productive way. What are your plans for using AI as the world changes?


3. Stay on top of where the challenges may lie

AI could improve fraud detection and be utilised to offer protection and safeguarding through, say, protecting peoples’ identities. But it could also change corporate governance structures and be exploited by fraudsters. Could you start to look at these issues now?


4. Can you get ahead of where you want to be?

After the pandemic, many businesses are thinking hard about doing things differently as ways of work have changed. Using technology and digitisation for efficiency, productivity and a more sustainable way of working could be within your grasp – is this something you’ve considered?

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