The UK Enterprise Fund 3 (UKEF 3) was launched in November 2023 in collaboration with leading growth capital investor BGF. This offered an exclusive opportunity for eligible Coutts clients to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of commercially proven and typically profitable private businesses.

As an investor in UKEF 3, you’ll receive quarterly and annual updates for the fund, providing an overview on the portfolio, investment activity and an update on the fund’s progress and performance. Please find previous UKEF 3 quarterly and annual reports below (prepared by BGF, not Coutts). 

Please note, UK Enterprise Fund 3 is closed to new investment.





Coutts has not prepared these documents and we have not verified the information within it.

Documents are for Coutts clients only who are professional clients and have invested in the fund.

This is a high-risk investment, the value of investments and any income from them may go down as well as up.

Previous QUARTERLY reports

If you have any further questions regarding your investment in UKEF 3, please get in touch with your private banker, or our Private Markets team at


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