Mortgage intermediaries

Looking for tailor made mortgages to fit your clients' specific needs?

We're here to help.  We provide bespoke, flexible mortgage solutions and the benefits of a Private Bank for your high net worth clients. 




Supporting you with a mortgage as individual as your client

Our Broker Banking team will help you and your clients. 




Fixed Rate Mortgages

We have a range of fixed rate products for clients wanting certainty of their monthly repayment. All fixed rate mortgages have a 10% overpayment allowance per annum. Early Repayment Charges apply. 

tracker Mortgages

We have a range of products that track the Coutts Base Rate. No Early Repayment Charges apply. 


mortgage reserve account

Our MRA works like an overdraft, there is a limit set and the client can draw upon this limit accordingly. 


Offset Mortgages

Our offset mortgages are available for customers who may want more flexibility. They are available on both residential and Buy to Let applications. GBP, US Dollar and Euro cash can be used to offset the mortgage.

green Mortgages

Building a greener future starts at home, and we want to encourage our clients to reduce the carbon footprint of their property.  Our Green Mortgage incentives can reward clients who are buying energy efficient properties, and also those who improve the EPC grade of their property post completion.

  • The Coutts Green Mortgage can reward clients with a discount up to £2,000 on the mortgage arrangement fee if they are purchasing an energy efficient property with an EPC grade of A or B.
  • If your client improves the EPC rating of an existing property within 24 months of the purchase, then our Retrofit Green Mortgage could refund up to £2,000 of the original mortgage arrangement fee if they achieve a grade of C and above.

Lending Criteria

We’d encourage you to contact us to discuss your enquiry as every case is assessed on an individual basis

Here is an outline of our lending and eligibility criteria.  This is not intended to be a full policy guide:

key Criteria

  • The minimum loan for new clients should exceed £1 million.
  • The client must be aged 18 or over.
  • We lend on UK properties only.
  • No minimum income requirements.
  • We can lend without Assets Under Management for the client.
  • The minimum term is 2 years and the maximum is 35 years or to age 80 (depending on method of repayment).
  •  We must have first legal charge over the property.
  • Loan to Value (LTV)

    We may be able to provide mortgages above standard LTV parameters (subject to application and criteria).  To discuss your clients bespoke requirements, please contact the Broker Banker team

    Here is an outline of our standard LTV parameters.  


    Amounts and loan to value parameters - residential 

    Property value Interest only Capital and Interest
    <£830,000.00 75% 90%
    £830,000.01 to £2,999,999.99 75% 85%
    £3m to £4,999,999.99 75% 75%
    £5m to £9,999,999.99 75% 75%
    £10M UP TO £30M (SUPER PRIME) – Specified London Postcodes only, EXCLUDING NEW BUILDS 75% 75%
    £10M UP TO £30M (SUPER PRIME) – Properties outside specified london postcodes AND NEW BUILDS 65% 65%
    £30m+ (Super Prime) 65% 65%

    Amounts and loan to value parameters - buy to let (including consumer buy to let) 

    Property value Interest only Capital and Interest
    <£4,666,667 75% 75%
    £4,666,668 to £4,999,999.99 55% 65%
    £5m to £9,999,999.99 50% 60%
    £10m+ (super prime) Applications considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • International clients

    • Please contact the Broker Banker Team for further detail around the countries we cover.
    • We lend on UK properties only.
    • For UK Resident/UK Domiciled and Expats the minimum loan size is £1m.
    • For Non-UK Resident/Non-UK Domiciled the minimum loan size is £3m.
  • Lending to entities

    • We can  lend to Trusts and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV).
  • High net worth lending

    • Where the client has limited income or needs to supplement income we can look at using their assets to support the lending decision.
    • To be eligible the client needs a minimum of £3m in assets or £300k net income.
    • Assets that we can consider are: cash, liquid and diversified investment portfolios, investment property, second homes, art, antiques, cars, chattels, specialist assets.
  • (Residential) Development finance

    • We can help with residential property development only.
    • The Broker Banker team and Development Finance Team will work with you and your client to find the right way to support the project. 
    • We’re only able to support development finance if we are involved from the start of the project.
    • Loan to values will be provided on a case by case basis.

placing business


To place business with us you must be registered with NatWest Intermediary Solutions.

The NatWest registration process and Terms of Business cover both brands and there is no requirement to register separately with us.


Submitting an enquiry

To discuss a new enquiry please contact your Business Development Manager or the Broker Banker Team at

Once you have discussed your case with us and we've indicated lending appetite, please log in to our Broker Portal to complete a Mortgage Enquiry Form.

You'll need to use your NatWest Intermediary Solutions login details to access the portal.

For policy or case specific questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager, Coutts Banker or email

For technical support accessing or using the Broker Portal, you can call our dedicated Broker Portal Support Team on 0345 905 0002 (Relay 18001 0345 905 0002).   Calls may be recorded and monitored for training purposes.


Obtaining an ESIS

Once we have reviewed your enquiry and we have received both the Mortgage Enquiry Form and the supporting documentation we will provide you with an ESIS document. When you have confirmed with us that the ESIS has been accepted by the client we will be able to proceed to full application.

All introduced mortgages will be completed on the sole advice provided by the broker. Coutts will no longer provide advice direct to the clients on introduced cases.


updates on your Cases

All submitted mortgage applications or enquiries will be individually case managed by your Broker Banker and Credit Analyst. Please contact them directly for an update.

contact us

If you would like to discuss a new mortgage enquiry please contact our Broker Banker Team or one of our Business Development Managers

Broker Banker Team:

Business Development:

Ghalia Sandhu

Business Development Manager

+44 (0) 7812 488 137

Nicholas Jury

Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager

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