Lifestyle | 23 May 2024

Gold after 12 years – Dame Katherine Grainger on challenges, teamwork and why the critic doesn’t count

Chair of UK Sport and five-time Olympian, Dame Katherine Grainger shares the inspiration that took her to gold and details why teamwork is the ultimate enabler.

Ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Dame Katherine Grainger speaks to Coutts about her journey to Olympic gold following three successive silvers and the huge challenges every athlete fights through behind the scenes for that ultimate moment of success. 

Video player requires JavaScript enabled. You can watch this video here:
Video player requires JavaScript enabled. You can watch this video here:

“It’s such a privilege to work with people who are the best in their field.”

Katherine also highlights the work done by every team member when it comes to winning – from those who were with her in the boat, to the doctors, therapists, psychologists and nutritionists that supported her and who continue to work with and develop Team GB today.

Having become an Olympic Champion, Katherine says the crew’s triumph was underpinned by knowing how to help each other do more than they could do themselves.

Katherine also shares – 

  • How her PhD studies complemented her Olympic training
  • Why as Chair of UK Sport she campaigns for standards and ethics as well as funding
  • Which US president has inspired her throughout her career.

“If you’re not in there having a go, then why? What’s life about?”

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