Business | 24 May 2023

How to make your workforce sustainable and purpose led

A masterclass video for business owners providing tips and insights on the power of sustainability and purpose in your workforce.

By integrating new ideas into the way you operate and weaving purpose through everything you do, you may be more likely to attract and retain the best business talent.

Our partner bank NatWest, recently hosted a live FutureFit event, bringing together business pioneers to share how they’re future-proofing their operations by creating energy around purpose.

Flavilla Fongang, Founder of 3 Colours Rule; Saasha Celestial-One, Co-founder of OLIO, and Patrick Hull, VP Global Learning and Future of Work at Unilever, spoke persuasively about the business benefits of authentic purpose.

FutureFit Masterclass VIDEO

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Here are some key takeaways on building sustainable workforces for the future with purpose.

1. Why do you do what you do? 

If you know what your purpose is and can articulate that, you’re on your way to building a business with purpose. Can you define a clear vision, mission, and values? Consider evolving your mission statement every day to build engagement and ensure roles stay aligned.

2. Purpose can unlock energy in your organisation

Being clear on what you stand for and what you’d like to achieve in the long-term could create huge energy within your organisation. Are you putting purpose at the forefront of your mind and are you collaborating with your people to bring them along with you for the journey? 

3. Let purpose be your North Star

You could make a difference in your sector by thinking innovatively about some of the challenges facing people and communities. Can you tackle issues and gain strategic advantage by being brave and doing it better than your competitors? What is the change you want to see? 

4. Purpose involves all stakeholders

From employees and customers to investors and suppliers, if you’re perceived as a great brand, you could gain competitive advantage and retain talent. Purpose has the potential to create an army of good will – what one of our panellists described as ‘altruistic capital’. Could you add value in this way?

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