What is a payee?

Payee bank account details can be stored which saves you time and possible re-keying errors.

When you create a payment, you have the option to . If you choose this, the details you have entered - which include the payee name, sort code, account number and reference - can be stored and recalled for future payments.

To Save the Payee details if the Save these payee details to use again box was selected when entering the payment

  • Select the Payee Group you wish to save the new payee to or select New Group if you wish to create a new group and enter the new group name and OK
  • The payee lookup name will default to the payee name already entered but can be amended 
  • Select Next
  • Check the details on the confirmation screen

The new payee will be saved for future use, or if you are a Business user your payees may require checking by another user before they are available for payments