How do I search for a payee?

To search for a payee

  • Select Payments and Transfers
  • Select Payees
  • Select Search (If viewed on a mobile device ‘More options’ will need to be selected first)
  • Enter the criteria you wish to search on
  • Payee lookup name
  • Payee group name
  • Date entered from/to
  • Paid from account - leave as all accounts or select specific account from list
  • Status
  • Payee name
  • Payee account number
  • Payee reference
  • Select Search

The group containing the payees that match the search criteria will be displayed. Click on the group and then select the payee you were searching for.

If you wish to make a payment using this payee

  • Select Make a payment to this payee

The Make a payment screen will be displayed with the payee already selected.