What details are required to make an International payment?

Payee Account Number

  • The payee account number is the account number of the person or business you are paying.

Payee Name

  • The payee name is the name of the person or business you are paying.

Payee Address

  • The payee address is the address of the person or business you are paying. This is only mandatory for payments to Canada and India

Bank Identification

  • BIC/SWIFT or National Bank Code, these identify the Bank/Branch of the payees bank, only the final destination bank details are required as the routing requirements are built in.

Pay From

  • The Pay From field shows all the accounts that you are able to make payments from. The balance and available balance are displayed, please ensure you have sufficient funds available to cover the payment.


  • This field is used to enter the amount you wish to pay.


  • Click on the drop down box and select the currency you wish to pay.

Payment date

  • This is the date the payment will be initiated, not necessarily the date the funds will be credited.


  • Select the appropriate charges option from the drop down box.
    • Shared charges – the charges are split. You will pay the Coutts charge and any charges the payee bank may charge will be taken from the payee.
    • All charges to be paid by payee – All charges will be deducted from the amount that is sent to the payee.
    • All charges paid by payment originator – You will pay both the Coutts charge and the payees bank charge

Payment Method

  • Send as a SEPA Payment - the following conditions must be satisfied
    • the payee account number is an IBAN,
    • the payment is to a European country within the Single Euro Payments Area,
    • the payment currency is EUR
    • the charges are shared
  • Send as Non-SEPA - the payment will be sent as a SWIFT payment

Payee Reference

  • You can enter a reference which may appear on the payee's statement. This will help them establish where the payment has come from.
  • If you are paying a bill, you must ensure the reference field is completed according to the payee instructions. This is usually your account number but might be an invoice number or similar.

Your Reference

  • Enter your reference for this payment.

A payee can also be saved when creating a payment to a new payee by selecting the Save these payee details to use again box at the bottom of the page.