Coutts Online is compatible with two different file types when uploading:

TXT Files - these files are predominantly the output file given from accounting software packages. If your accounting package does not have a file that is already formatted to Coutts Online you can provide your support team with the example file below to help them create a payment or transfer file that can then be exported direct from your accounting software.

CSV (Comma-separated Values) Files - If you are not using an accounting software package and will be creating files manually using software such as Excel, the compatible file that you will need to use will be a CSV file. In order to help you create a compatible CSV file for Coutts Online there is a template file that has been provided under the Can I Download An Example Payment File? section of this guide.

If you already have the XML template file please click here to find out how to convert this into a compatable file type for Coutts Online.