I am a Commercial client, how do I switch off paper statements?

Only administrators have the ability to switch to online only statements or to reinstate them back to paper.

To switch off paper statements you must be logged on to www.coutts.com/online or using the mobile app. If you are an administrator you can switch to and from online statements in the following way

  • Select Documents
  • Select Turn Off Paper Documents
  • For the account statements listed, choose between the options to receive statements Online only or to receive Paper statements (copies will continue to be available online), by selecting the accounts individually using the circle button, or by switching all accounts together using the box at the top of the column
  • Read the important information section
  • Select Next
  • Read the Terms and conditions and if acceptable agree to them by selecting the box
  • Select Confirm

You can choose to set up an alert to advise you when your statement is available on Online, or you can choose to do it later.

 Coutts Warning Triangledenotes the change needs to be approved by another administrator