How do I create an alert?

To create an alert, we must hold contact details for you such as a mobile number or e-mail address. If no contact details are held for you, select the Contact Details to update the information. If contact details are held follow the steps below to set up an alert

  • Select Services
  • Select Alerts
  • Select New Alert
  • Enter Alert Name
  • Select the Type of alert
  • If you choose Account balance, choose the Delivery time and Delivery days you wish to receive the alert
  • If you chose Balance and transaction limits select whether you want to receive an alert when your balance is above or below the limits or when debits or credits above the set amount are processed. Then enter the limits you wish to apply. You do not have to select all options.
  • Select Message Received if you would like to be notified when a new message is sent to you
  • If you select Document Received, Choose the documents for which you wish to receive an alert for and, unless you selected All Document, choose the accounts you wish to receive the notification on when a new document is received Online
  • Select the Account you wish to receive the balance and transaction limits or the account balance alert on
  • Choose Send to either a mobile phone number or e-mail address and select the correct number or e-mail address from the list
  • Choose the Validity of the alert, either until further notice or until the date entered using the calendar.
  • Select Next
  • Select Confirm to create the alert or Back to return to the previous screen