Why isn’t my cheque being accepted via the Coutts app?

There are a small number of pre-printed or abnormal cheques that our software cannot process at the moment and need to be processed over the counter at a branch or Post Office. Reasons for a cheque not being accepted include:

  • A non-standard cheque size (the industry standard parameters are maximum 8.27 inches (210mm) x 4 inches (102mm)/Minimum 61/8 inches (156mm) x 27/8 inches (73mm)).
  • No signature on the cheque.
  • Boxes displayed in unexpected places.
  • Asterisks on the cheque.

If you are struggling to capture the cheque image successfully for an acceptable cheque, please check that you have:

  • placed the cheque against a solid/dark background,
  • good lighting,
  • tried taking the picture further away from the cheque

If you're still unable to capture the cheque image, please visit a Coutts, NatWest, RBS branch or Post Office.