What are the online banking charges?

The charges for online banking payments are:


Transaction Type
Private Client Fee Commercial Client Fee 
Faster Payments Free 35p 
Inter Account Transfer Free Free
CHAPS Payment £15 £20
Telegraphic Transfer (SWIFT)   £15 £20
SEPA Free 35p
Payment Delivery Charge*

USA £3,

Europe £6,
Rest of World £9

If you're sending money anywhere in the EEA (including the UK), the only charging option is Shared Charges. Shared Charges means you pay for the charges levied by Coutts and the person or business receiving the payment pays any charges levied by their bank. This is called a Payment Delivery Charge.

If you're sending money outside the EEA then you can pay the Payment Delivery Charge. These charges quoted may be subject to currency conversion.

Please note in some cases, outside of an EU/EEA Member State, Switzerland, Monaco or San Marino where it is local banking practice, the intermediary and/or beneficiary bank may deduct their fee(s) from the payment.

You'll need a payment purpose code for all payments made to or from Jordan. Download the Central Bank of Jordan payment purpose codes (PDF 456 KB)