What information can I see for a transaction?

The information you can see depends on the transaction type. The details may include:
- Order number - the number you need to give us for any queries
- Amount - the amount of the transaction
- Booking Date - the date the payment was made
- Settlement Date - the value date of the transaction
- Full Description - as described on your statement
- Select 'Advanced Details' to see more information
- Value date - the date value we give for the payment charges
- Timestamp - the date and time the payment arrived at or left the bank
- Reference - the reference you entered on the payment. This is for your use only, and doesn't go out with the payment
- Payee Details - the account number, sort code, name and address (if available) of the person you're paying
- Payee Bank Details - the name and address of the bank the payment was sent to
- BIC/SWIFT - the BIC/SWIFT code, ABA or Fedwire number of the receiving bank
- Amount - the original payment amount before any currency exchange
- Exchange Amount - the amount debited or credited to the account after a currency exchange
- Exchange Rate - the exchange rate used in a currency exchange
- By Order of - the person or business who sent the funds in the case of a credit payment
- Remitter IBAN - the IBAN of the person or business that sent the payment
- Remitter Reference - any reference that the person or business sent with the payment. It's not possible to show the remitter's sort code of a Faster Payment.