How do i convert my .xls payment file into a .csv file?

Once you have used our .xls template file found here, you will then need to convert this into a .csv format so that it is compatible with Coutts Online. Please follow the steps below to ensure you convert your file correctly:

  • Delete rows 1, 2 & 3 from your .xls template file.
  • Select File
  • Select Save As
  • Select CSV (comma delimited) from the Save as type box
  • Choose where on your pc you would like to save your file.
  • Click "Save"

You can now log in to Coutts Online and upload your .csv payment file. Do not open the .CSV file as it will lose some of the formatting. If you wish to view the contents of the file

  • Highlight the file
  • Right click
  • Select Open with
  • Choose Notepad

The file will open as a .TXT file and you will be able to see the details of the payments