What details are required to create a new International standing order?

Payment details

You can create a standing order to a payee you have saved, select the Payee Group and then select the Payee under Existing Payee.

Or you can enter new payee details:

  • Payee Account Number - the account number of the person or business you are paying
  • Payee Name - the name of the person or business you are paying
  • Payee Address - the address of the person or business you are paying
  • Bank Identification
    • Select the bank identifier and complete the associated fields.
    • Enter the BIC/SWIFT of the payee's bank
    • National Bank Code, select the Country that the funds are being send to and enter the National Bank Code
  • Pay From - this field shows all the accounts that you are able to make payments from. Select the down arrow to see a list of your accounts then choose the account you wish to debit
  • Amount - the amount you wish to pay
  • Currency - select the drop down box and choose the currency you wish to pay
  • Charges
    • Shared Charges you pay our charge and the payee pays their banks change
    • All Charges to be paid by payee, the payee will pay both our charges and their banks charge 
    • All charges to be paid by the payment originator, you will pay both our charges and the payee's bank charge
  • Payment Method
    • Send as a SEPA Payment - the following conditions must be satisfied
      • the payee account number is an IBAN,
      • the payment is to a European country within the Single Euro Payments Area,
      • the payment currency is EUR
      • the charges are shared
    • Send as Non-SEPA - the payment will be sent as a SWIFT payment
    • If you select to send as a SEPA payment but the SEPA conditions are not satisfied, you will have the option to send as non-SEPA or amend the payment so it can be sent as SEPA  
  • Payee Reference - a reference which may appear on the payee's statement. This will help them establish where the payment has come from. If you are paying a bill, you must ensure the reference field is completed according to the payee's instructions. This is usually your account number but might be an invoice number or similar.
  • Your Reference - your reference for this payment.


  • This determines when the payment will be made.
  • Select the required frequency from the list - weekly, two weekly, monthly, 2 monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually.
  • The payment will be made on the selected frequency based on the first payment date.

First payment date

  • The date that the first payment will leave your account.

Valid Until

  • You need to advise how long you wish the standing order to be valid for - until further notice, after a certain number of payments have been made or until a date is reached.