Can I pay salaries online?

Coutts Online can be used to make salary payments, there are several stages to this process.

Firstly, decide if the salaries need to be ring-fenced from certain users who have access to Online or is this not required. If the information is to be limited to certain users, those users that need to key or approve the salaries must be given a confidential marker on the account that the salaries will be debited from. How to amend a user's permissions

The next stage is to create the payment group containing the payee details of all the payees that you will be making salary payments to - you may wish to call the group - Salaries. How to create a payee group Once the group is created, you then need to add the payees to the group

  • Select Payments and Transfers
  • Select Payee
  • Select New Domestic Payee
  • Select the Salary Group you wish to add the payee. 
  • Enter a Payee Lookup Name
  • Select the Pay From account, the balance and available balance are displayed, please ensure you have sufficient funds available to cover the payment.
  • Enter the Payee Name
  • Enter the Payee Sort Code - 6 numbers that will identify the Bank where the account is held
  • Enter the Payee Account Number - 8 numbers that will identify the bank account
  • Select Payment Method as Faster Payment
  • The Payment Reference is optional - this is the reference that could help the payee identify the payment
  • Select Mark this Payment as Confidential if required
  • Select Next.
  • Ensure the information on the screen is correct.
  • Select Confirm to save the payee or Back to amend any details.
  • Select Enter Another Payee to add further payees

Lastly, you will make the salary payments using the payment list option. Ensure you the payment group is marked a confidential and the collated option is selected. The total of the salary payments will then be debited from your account as one single amount, thus keeping the details private. Access to the payroll information can only be accessed by those users that have been given the confidential marker. How to create a payment list.