How does our foreign exchange pricing work?

The Coutts FX product pricing is based on the following:

• Coutts Treasury Services acts as principal / price maker versus any underlying client transaction
• The FX rate is determined by reference to wholesale interbank quotes sourced form Reuters/Bloomberg quoted as bid/ask
• The wholesale interbank quote is adjusted (marked up/down depending on whether the client is buying or selling the foreign currency) to take account of the transaction size and type

The exchange rate you will receive on any foreign exchange conversion conducted in connection with this service will be determined by reference to the foreign exchange market rates. We will then incorporate a spread to the bid and offer rate quoted which will be added to or subtracted from the exchange rate, depending on whether you are buying or selling the foreign currency. This spread will be variable and will be determined by a range of factors including the transaction type, size, currencies, prevailing market conditions and overall cost of undertaking the transaction.