This guide is designed to assist administrators in setting up new users and allocating permissions within Coutts Online. Please note, you will need to complete these steps before you and/or your users are able to make any payments or transfers.

As an administrator you will have been given access to User Admin which is where you will create new users and control their online access by allocating them permissions to allow them information on accounts, key different payment types and if required, approve payments. You will have been given the permissions to view balances and transactions and key payments on all the registered accounts but you can amend your own permissions in the same way as you would allocate them to a new user.

Administrators are also responsible for making the appropriate changes if a user is blocked, leaves the company, requires a new card or reader or wants to use CouttsID to login and authenticate payments and online changes.

Certain changes that are made will require authorisation which can be carried out either by using your card and reader or CouttsID. If you have not already opted to use CouttsID, you can enrol to use it which allows you to use your smartphone as a banking security device. To authorise an action, as well as login to the desktop, you will receive a CouttsID message which you can either choose to accept or reject. If you wish to use it we would recommend that you follow the Enrolling for CouttsID instructions before you begin to create new users.

Dual Administration – if dual administration was selected on the application form then changes that an administrator makes to a user will need to be approved by a second administrator before they take effect.

Messaging - the messaging service in Coutts Online provides every user with a way to contact Coutts from a computer, tablet or smartphone securely and without the need for encryption. It is recommended that all administrators and users create an alert so they are notified each time a new message is received from the bank.