Users should only be unblocked once they have either received both their card and PIN or are ready to login using CouttsID and have downloaded the mobile app.

To unblock a user

  • Click User Admin
  • Select Users
  • Select the User
  • Select User Details
  • Select Unblock User
  • Enter an Unblock Reason such as 'card and PIN received'
  • Select Confirm

If the user is logging in using CouttsID, a temporary password needs to be generated. as a security precaution, this password is only available for a short period of time. To send the temporary password;

  • Select Send Temporary Password
  • Press Confirm

  Denotes that the change requires authorisation or further approval by another administrator if dual administration applies

To authorise a change:

  • Click on the  to drill down to the level that needs approving
  • Check the changes denoted by Warning Triangle
  • Select Authorise Amendments or Reject Changes