Payment Approval – allows the user to approve payments and transfers created on the accounts they have access to.

Unrestricted - this can either be the maximum amount a user can sign on their own or, alternatively, the maximum amount they can sign before second approval is required.

Dual Approval -  this limit is the maximum the user can approve with another user. To set dual approval so that a user can only approve payments with another user, do not select any of the unrestricted options.

Payment Types – select payment types this user can approve, e.g. unrestricted for Inter Account Transfers and dual approval for the others.

Approval Limits – this will control the maximum payment value this user can approve. You can choose to have a fixed limit by placing an amount in one or all of the fields provided, Free EntryFrom Saved Payee and Uploaded Payments. If an approval limit is entered you can choose to select the unlimited box for Inter-Account Transfers & Withdrawal notices which will mean that those are exempt from the external payment limits

Approve Own – allows the user to approve a payment that they have keyed themselves.

Amend Uploads – allows the user to amend an uploaded payment.