Can dual approval of payments be set?

Yes, an administrator can do this by setting a Dual approval threshold

  • Select User Admin
  • Select Users
  • Select the user from the list.
  • Select User rights
  • Amend the following
  • Payment Approval - Dual
    •  Select Dual for the payment types listed for which the dual approval limits will apply.
  • Approval Limits - The individual payment value up to which the user can approve with another user
    • Dual - Enter the maximum amount that this user can approve with a 2nd user for the payment entry types selected.
  • By selecting Unlimited next to Inter Account Transfers and Withdrawal Notices these become exempt from the approval limits entered.
  • To restrict a user from approving a payment type a zero.
  • Approve Own - Select this if the user is permitted to approve payments that they have keyed themselves
  • Amend Uploads - Select this if the user is permitted to amend payments that have been uploaded.