Can a user be restricted to key certain payment types on specified accounts?

Yes, a user does not have to be given all payment types that can be keyed on the selected account. To allocate the types of payments a user can key:

  • Select User Admin
  • Select User
  • Select the user from the list.
  • Select the first account in the list.
  • Select the Read access
    • None
    • Restricted
    • Unrestricted
  • Select Confidential Payees if the user is to be able to view confidential payments such as salaries
  • Select the payment types which the user should be able to enter. If it is not possible to make a particular payment type from the selected account, only the valid payment types can be selected.
    • Inter Account Transfers
    • Faster Payments
    • CHAPS 
    • International
    • Withdrawal Notices
  • Select the user in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen to return and repeat for all accounts in the list that the user requires access to.