How do I create a permission profile?

  • Select User Admin
  • Select Permission profiles
  • Select New profile.
  • Give the profile a name e.g. Accounts Department (max 60 characters)
  • Enter a description such as Accounts.
  • Select the Standard configuration profile which best suits your requirements, such as Balances and transactions. These starter profiles will give you the permissions as indicated across all of the accounts registered in Coutts Online. You can then tailor the new profile to meet your needs. No permissions does not contain any permissions and therefore can be used to create your own bespoke profile to use as required.
  • Select Confirm.
  • The profile is now ready to be customised.

When the Permission Profile is created by an administrator with dual administration set, the configurations within the profile will only become active once another administrator has approved it.

Therefore, it is important that permission profiles are dual approved prior to them being allocated to a user