What if I lose or damage my card reader?

If you are a Private client or Trust, contact the Coutts Digital Helpdesk +44 (0)20 7770 0000 who will be able to send you a replacement.

If you are a Commercial user, please ask your administrator to order a replacement.

If you are a Private client and have a spare card reader, you can order a replacement online once you have logged in. To do this:

  • Select Services
  • Select Online Request
  • Select New Request
  • Select Order Smartcard Reader
  • Select Next
  • Select Confirm
  • Select OK

The reader is now ordered. To check the details, select the order from the list of requests in the last month. Details of the delivery address are displayed here.

Please note, you can only order one card reader online per rolling month. If you need more, please contact the Digital Helpdesk +44 (0)20 7770 0000.