How does a user change from smartcard and reader to CouttsID?

The administrator will need to give the User the option to enrol for CouttsID.

  • Select User Admin
  • Select User
  • Select the user from the list
  • Select User Details
  • Select Amend User
  • Select User can enrol for CouttsID Authentication

The User will now have to register for Coutts Mobile unless they already use it, and then once they have logged in to mobile they will have to register their smartphone for CouttsID.

  • Select Settings  
  • Select CouttsID enrolment
  • Select Enrol Device
  • You will receive an activation code by SMS which should be entered in to the activation code box
  • Select Activate

If you are a Touch ID user will you will be asked to confirm your password. If you do not know your password you will have the option to create a new password.