Which fields do I have to complete when I use the Transactions Search screen?

The only details you need to specify are

  • Dates From/To
  • Confirmed, (transactions that have been posted to the account) Pending (transactions that are forward dated and have not yet been posted to the account), Confirmed and pending (all transactions whether posted to the account or not)
  • Debit and Credit, Debit Only or Credit Only

Optional fields are:

  • Amount From/To
  • Transaction Description

If you wish to search for particular payments, for example to see how many direct debit payments have been made on the account between certain dates, enter 'direct debit' in the Transaction Description field. The search will then return all the direct debits that have been paid from the account. To search for items to or from a particular company or person, enter the name in the Transaction Description i.e. Waitrose and all the debits and credits containing that name in the statement narrative will be displayed.