What does the graphical overview display?

The Graphical Overview can be switched between the Account balance and Cash flow.

The Account balance graph is a quick way of viewing the movement of balances and transactions on an account over a period of time. The Cash flow graph depicts the value of credits, displayed above the zero line, against the value of the debits, displayed below the zero line.

The graphs display the closing balance for the current month or the last month that there were transactions posted. By hovering over one of the bars in the graph the value of debits and credits, together with the closing balance for that day is displayed.

If you wish to see a different time period to the default, either select a month or year tab or select the search option and enter the dates you wish to view.

Select the Pending transactions button to see the forecast balance and future dated transactions. These include payments made in Coutts Online, payments made by phone with Coutts 24 or by fax instruction, standing orders and debit card transactions that have not yet been posted to the account. Direct debits, charges or interest are not included as the amounts may vary.

To see the effect the pending transactions will have on the forward balances, select a month in the future and a forecast balance and the pending items for that month are displayed.

By selecting the year tab, all future dated transactions for that year will be displayed.

The icon warns that this is a forecast balance and therefore subject to change.

Use the Confirmed transactions button to return to actual balances and transactions.

By selecting the Graphical view it can be can be hidden or visible Coutts Online line will remember your preference across all of the accounts.