Is the Online service compatible with Xero?

Is the Coutts Online service compatible with Xero?

Direct Bank feeds

It is possible to setup a direct feed between your Coutts account/s* and Xero if you are Non-personal or Commercial client. To do this please follow the instructions on the Xero direct feeds page here.

* The data feed is available for the following accounts:

  • Coutts Business Current Account
  • Coutts Currency Current Account
  • Coutts Business Reserve Account
  • Coutts Business Notice Account
  • Coutts Composite Account
  • Coutts Money Market Call
  • Coutts Money Market Time
  • Coutts Business Card

The feed runs daily from Tuesday to Saturday and includes the previous day's transactions based on the transaction settlement date. E.g. the feed on Tuesday will include transactions cleared as of end of day Monday. 

For more help please go to the Xero help pages, or email Xero Help

Manual upload

To download a file to upload into Xero we would recommend that you use the .ofx format. Ensure the transactions you wish to download are on the screen.

  • Select Download
  • Select .OFX
  • Select Download

The .ofx file will be created for you to use with Xero