What can I post in the 440 app?

440 gives you access to communicate directly with other 440 members. There are lots of potential areas and topics on which you can engage with this community; however we do want to bring to your attention three specific areas on which we don’t allow discussion or posts on 440:

  1. Promotion or discussion of investment opportunities or deals

    Due to regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the platform should not be used to advertise or discuss specific investment opportunities or deals. Whilst connections with other members may result in investment activity, you must ensure that details of investment opportunities are not promoted or discussed directly on the platform.

  2. Price-sensitive or anti-competitive discussion

    We don’t allow discussion or sharing of information on pricing practices with other members in your industry or any anti-competitive activity.

  3. Defamatory, threatening or otherwise offensive comments

    Please respect the rights of other members of the platform and do not post any content that would violate our Terms, specifically any content that could be unlawful, offensive, threatening, obscene, or otherwise objectionable or violates any third-party intellectual property rights.


Content you could post on the site
  • Seek new connections and exchange contact details
  • Share general market trends or industry articles (note: these should not include any information relating to current or future performance of particular companies)
  • ·Share best practice and experiences
  • Promote events or conferences
  • Advertise job and internship opportunities
  • Promote property for sale or rent
Content you SHOULD NOT post on the site
  • Promote specific investment opportunities
  • Discuss any pricing practices with other members in your industry or participate in any activity that could be anti-competitive
  • Share any confidential or price sensitive information
  • Make any comments that could be defamatory, threatening or otherwise offensive to other members