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Key Information

Before proceeding, please read the important information below

  • *There is no right to cancel a Money Market Fixed Term Deposit once it is open. Please ensure you select the correct currency, amount and term, and you are happy with the indicative rate shown.
  • *Withdrawals are not permitted during the term of the deposit.
  • *Early closure is not permitted during the term of the deposit.

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*If we accept your application, we will automatically transfer your selected deposit in cleared funds from your linked  Business Current Account in the same currency to your Money Market Fixed Term Deposit.

To fix your deposit of $(AMOUNT) $(CURRENCY) for $(TERM) we will pay an indicative interest rate of $(RATE) AER/Gross p.a.

*If there is an increase in the indicative interest rate by the time your application is processed, we will give you the new increased rate and confirm it in the communication we send you.

If a change in money market trading leads to a rate decrease we will contact you to discuss this and check your instructions before your application is processed.


*I accept that when my account is open, I will be bound by the Money Market Deposit Terms for Commercial Clients and the currency, term and rate stated above will apply to my deposit.