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Senior members of our investment strategy team share an update on the global investment outlook for 2015.

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Mid-Year Investment Outlook

Most markets raced ahead in the first half of 2015. Whilst many may struggle to keep up the pace over the rest of the year, our outlook remains positive.

Global Markets Weekly

A weekly publication analysing the major developments in the global economy and bond, equity and currency markets.

Coutts Insights Blog

Image of man looking at building model Our perspectives on key global issues. Follow our Chief Investment Officers and other specialist advisors at Coutts.

In focus: bonds

Image of Alan Higgins Chief Investment Officer Alan Higgins helps navigate the world of bonds. Created July 2012.

Real Estate Perspective

This publication, led by Stephen Rees, Head of Real Estate Advisory at Coutts, provides our views on commercial and residential real estate.

Coutts Index

Image of thge cover of the Coutts Index report The Index captures changes in the price of passion assets such as trophy property, fine art and collectibles.


Hedge funds uncovered

Image of Niamh Wylie Senior Investment Consultant Niamh Wylie sheds some light on hedge funds and explains why they can be an attractive addition to investors' portfolios. Created June 2013.

ETFs explained

Image of Niamh Wylie Senior Investment Consultant Niamh Wylie introduces exchange-traded funds (ETFs) - what they are and how they are used. Created May 2013.

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