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Coutts has built its reputation on understanding the needs of individuals, whatever their walk of life, and responding to them effectively and discreetly.

Global Markets Weekly

Increase your understanding with our in-depth examination of the major themes driving market behaviour.

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Coutts Discretionary Investment Management Service

The Coutts Discretionary Investment Management Service is designed to make managing your wealth as effortless and efficient for you as we can.

Coutts Multi-Asset Funds

The Coutts multi-asset funds offer a simple way for you to invest in a broadly-diversified portfolio, accessing our investment expertise and research through a single investment.

Coutts Dealing and Custody Service

The Coutts Dealing & Custody Service offers a personal securities dealing service to suit all levels of experience and knowledge, from active traders to first time investors.

Liquidity services

As your wealth needs and circumstances change, or indeed in times of uncertainty, you will require your wealth to perform in different ways. We work closely with you to understand your investment objectives and liquidity needs.

Coutts Tailored Portfolio Management Service

You can retain control of your investment decisions, backed by professional advice with our advisory portfolio management service.

Alternative Investments

Our alternative investments can potentially improve the overall performance of your portfolio, while reducing risk.

Individual Savings Accounts

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) were first introduced on 6 April 1999. ISAs are not products in their own right, but are ‘wrappers’, designed to protect your investment from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and also provide the opportunity for tax advantages on the income generated.

Foreign exchange services

Whether you have business interests abroad, assets held overseas, or a global approach to investing, we will work closely with you to understand your objectives and develop appropriate currency strategies for you.

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