Providing for the future with trusts

In our experience many individuals do not consider establishing a trust as part of their wealth planning even though it can be an extremely effective tool. This tends to be for one of two reasons: some individuals feel that settling a trust will be too complex when in reality it can be a relatively straightforward process. Alternatively, many have heard that trusts are only appropriate for passing on extreme wealth but in fact many individuals establish trusts at sums at or below the Inheritance Tax (IHT) threshold (currently £325,000).

There are many reasons why a trust may be suitable. This could be to protect assets, to provide privacy or to ensure the smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries on death and avoid lengthy probate proceedings. Whatever the reason, our trust experts can advise whether a trust is appropriate to meet these objectives and then work closely with your Private Banker or Wealth Manager to ensure that you achieve your aims.

Some typical situations where a trust may be appropriate include:


Services we provide:

  • Establishing the trust including preparing the deed
  • Regular meetings with co-trustees to deal with administrative matters and advising on management and investment of the underlying assets
  • Making distributions to beneficiaries
  • Monitoring investment reports
  • Dealing with all administration, accounting and tax reporting

Advantage of using Coutts

Coutts & Co has over 75 years' experience of establishing and managing trusts that meet the needs of wealthy individuals and families. Continuity in a trust's management is important and so Coutts is often appointed as Trustee. In addition, surrounded by a wealth of knowledge within the organisation, you can rely on our experts to provide an extensively researched investment management service that follows a very clear purpose.

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