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We understand that wealth means more than money. The Coutts Institute focuses on the governance of wealth - helping family businesses succeed, helping clients fulfil ambitions for their philanthropy, and preparing the next generation for inheritance.

Million Dollar Donors Report

Tracking donations worth a total of $26.3bn across seven regions around the world

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Family Business

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Widely regarded as the engine of the global economy. Whatever your business challenges, our family business team will provide you with bespoke advice and support.

Wealth Succession

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Wealth succession is a difficult subject for many families. We help our clients navigate the complexities of passing on wealth and help make succession a success.


Image of modern clock in front of skyscrapers Helping our clients and their families make a real difference to the causes and communities they care about.


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Our specialist advisers bring a wealth of experience and valuable insight to the services we provide.

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  • A central resource containing videos, podcasts, image galleries and documents which cover a wide variety of wealth management topics.


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Coutts Foundation

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