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Current Accounts

We know you demand a business current account that satisfies your every requirement. An account from Coutts brings you the services and options you need.

Meeting your business banking needs

You can select a Business Current Account with a wide selection of management and payment options.

Your business current account choices

The Business Current Account provides you with regular statements, ranging from daily to annually, depending on your needs. If required, you can also request a chequebook and paying-in book, with the option to select specially printed cheques and credit slips.

You can initiate payments using the following methods:

  • Standing orders: authorising us to make regular fixed payments from your account to an individual or organisation.
  • Direct debits: paying fixed or variable amounts to organisations, supported by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • CHAPS: the Clearing House Automated Payments System, enabling you to pay a beneficiary on the same business day they are sent.
  • Faster Payments: allowing you to send sterling payments on a near real-time basis. This is only available through Coutts Online.
  • BACS: the Bank Automated Credit System, allowing you to make regular and variable payments to third-party suppliers or employers. These payments take three working days to reach the beneficiary's account.
  • Telegraphic transfer: making secure international electronic payments using SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications).
  • Drafts: drawn on the account of Coutts, where the beneficiary requires certainty of cheque payment.

We also offer current accounts in all major currencies.

Coutts clients

To find out more about how the Business Current Account can help you manage your business finances, please contact your Commercial Banker.

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