We support causes and organisations that share our values and tradition, and we celebrate success, nurture talent and champion events. Sponsorship plays an important role in building our brand profile and supporting our clients' passions.

Who We


  • From our earliest days, we have supported the performing arts and looked after the financial affairs of many influential figures connected with the arts such as Bram Stoker, Charles Dickens, Chopin and Berlioz.

  • We are proud to celebrate the innovation and expertise of the design industry by sponsoring world-class exhibitions and festivals.

  • We support a range of sponsorships that either support the industries in which our diverse clients work or initiatives that help to nurture local communities.

Applying for sponsorship

We receive a number of sponsorship proposals, and our aim is to ensure we select the opportunities that work both for ourselves and our partners. Sponsorship proposals can be submitted using the online form.

Become a client

When you become a client of Coutts, you will be part of an exclusive network.

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